Ga On Jai, Seongnam, South Korea by IROJE KHM Architects | via

About 20 years ago, government held “the house expo” in GangNam and constructed this “expo town” of low-rise residences, and every site of this town were designed by selected architects who had been famous in Korea at that time. The site of “GaOnJai” was one of this monumental town, but the owner of this house who purchased house of this site, has built, newly, after tearing down the old house of this site.

Useful landuse, ecology: To maximize the efficiency of landuse, to be ecological spaces were important requirements, because the owner thought exterior spaces of demolished old house were narrow, useless and circumstance of inner spaces were dark and blue.

Introvert space: To keep privacy and security, to block noise, smoke and other’s eye, introverted layout of this house was required.
Absorbing landscape of surrounding mountain: The living room where has dynamic, picturesque view of landscape of near mountain had been required.

The house which has it’s own Identity of Korean culture has been required because I think this town is representative town of desirable planned residences in Korea.

Photography: Sergio Pirrone, Jong Oh Kim, Jeong Sik Mun

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Bamboo shoots rice for #bento #lunch . 今日も筍尽くし😊筍ご飯、角切り筍入り鶏だんこ、筍の煮物、甘い卵焼き、こぶ高菜漬物と梅干塩昆布。#お弁当 #曲げわっぱ



Bamboo shoots rice for #bento #lunch . 今日も筍尽くし😊筍ご飯、角切り筍入り鶏だんこ、筍の煮物、甘い卵焼き、こぶ高菜漬物と梅干塩昆布。#お弁当 #曲げわっぱ

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Japanese covers for the Leviathan series by Pablo Uchida

Ugh, I am such a sucker for the girl-disguising-as-a-boy-to-get-shit-done trope

These are BEAUTIFUL covers.






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